Re-grouting ceramic tile

In many of the homes that I inspect, excluding brand new construction, I find cracked and deteriorated grout on tile surfaces in kitchen and bathrooms. Cracking grout is one of those common issues that I find in a home that can lead to bigger issues down the road, and is not something potential buyers want to see if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future. Grout acts as a sealant to keep out water, but unfortunately most grout is not very durable and it will wear down over time. Cracked grout can lead to water intrusion and will only continue to deteriorate, so the sooner it is replaced the better, to avoid water damage in your bathroom or kitchen.

Re-grouting ceramic tile is not only necessary, it can be a fairly easy diy job for homeowners. Check out the link below for a step by step guide to replace ceramic tile grout on both walls and floors.

Of course, some tile work should be left to the professionals. If you’re planning on buying or selling a home, feel free to contact me for recommendations for qualified and local tile experts that can help with bigger projects. Your Home Inspector is a great resource for assessing your homes condition prior to starting any project, and prior to the purchase or sale of a home. Call Titus Inspections today to schedule a consultation.


Dean Nielsen, Certified Home Inspector/Owner, Titus Inspections